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"Imagine" JEM Show: "Guardian of the Floating Palace" by winvill_art (Winvill)



  • Artist Description: One day, mysterious specs of light filled the sky, slowly descending to earth attaching themselves to different objects, plants, humans, animals and vehicles, giving them life or super abilities. Some islands started to float like this tiny island with an ancient palace surrounded by bronze lion statues. It is said that there was a huge amount of treasure somewhere in this palace, and people who gained powers from the light started to search for this Palace. During the incident of the mysterious specs light, some of the bronze statues also came to life in a form of a tiny fierce warriors. These little guardians will do anything to protect these treasures from anyone, it has been their task all along even back then when they were just statues.
  • Artist IG: winvill_art
  • Edition Size: 1/1