Invasion Rewards

What is Invasion Rewards program?

Invasion Rewards is a program that gives you points for every dollar you spend on online purchases from our website into a amount of Ray Gun Rounds, pew pew. For every $1 you spend, you’ll automatically receive 5 Ray Gun Rounds. You must be logged into Invasion Rewards before every purchase in order to get Ray Gun Rounds. 

How do I sign up?

Sign up is free and easy, just click on the Invasion Rewards button located on the bottom left of your screen. If you already have a Invasion Toys account, just login, earn some points and you're good to go! If you don't have an account with us, just click on "Account" in the upper right of your screen, and select "Register'' button and follow the on screen instructions, you'll also be rewarded 200 Ray Gun Rounds as a welcome. You must have earned points and made a purchase on your account to be considered an active Invasion Rewards member. 

How can I earn more points other than purchases?

Besides earning points for every dollar spent, you can also earn extra points by completing the following:

Like on Facebook = 50 Ray Gun Rounds

Share on Facebook = 50 Ray Gun Rounds

Follow on Instagram = 50 Ray Gun Rounds

Follow on Twitter = 50 Ray Gun Rounds

Creating a new account = 200 Ray Gun Rounds 

To access these rewards, once logged in, click on the "Earn more points" button:


How do I redeem my points?

Once you reach specific amounts listed below, you'll be rewarded with a code to use during checkout on your next purchase. You can start redeeming points once you reach 500 Ray Gun Rounds! 

1500   Ray Gun Rounds = $5 coupon towards any online purchase
2250  Ray Gun Rounds = $10 coupon towards any online purchase
5000 Ray Gun Rounds = $25 coupon towards any online purchase

Do points/coupon codes ever expire?

No. Your points/earned rewards are good indefinitely and they do not expire.



Please note: The Invasion Rewards program can be terminated at anytime and points do not have actual monetary value.