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"Imagine" JEM Show: "JEMpool" by xybot_tnt (Trevor Krainik)



  • Artist Description: The Multiverse is real! I’m Li’l JEMpool. Nice ta meetchu. I sure do hate the cold. Sure, my healing factor is awesome. But losing all of my fur was a bit much. Brrr! I had to do something. Immortality means, like, the longest life. And who wants to be chilly ‘til the end of time? Not this guy! What better way to warm up than a nice fur hat? I needed a mask anyway. So your buddy JEMpool lay in wait for the perfect match … that Big Cat would do nicely. Besides, red is my favorite color. Makes the white in my eyes pop. Now I’m a happy little merc … all toasty in this soft, warm fur. Good thing I’m not allergic to cats. Or am I? ACHOOOO!
  • Artist IG: xybot_tnt
  • Edition Size: 1/1