Weiss Schwarz

Weiss Schwarz - Rent A Girlfriend - Trial Deck +


Sometimes, people fall in love in unconventional ways...Find your favorite date with our latest lineup from Rent-A-Girlfriend!

This set will feature scenes from Volume 1-3.

Every deck you purchase has a chance to contain a sign card by the voice cast!!!:

  • Sora Amamiya (as Chizuru Mizuhara)

The cards in this Trial Deck+ may be used together with cards with card number beginning with [KNK/]!


  • Pre-Constructed 50-Card Deck (Same contents for each deck)
  • Rule Sheet
  • Deck manual
  • Playbook


  • 50 Cards per deck (19 types of cards + 6 parallels)
      • Every deck contains 2 shiny cards